• Cut out tons of paperwork for HR teams
  • 94% Adoption rate across organizations
  • Powerful data and reporting for staff performance
  • 32% increase in productivity across organizations
  • Integrated support and guidance

Performance management made easy

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The WorkCompass family includes

Remove Paperwork, Save Time, Improve Results

Firms with above-average Performance Management Systems average $90,566 greater sales per employee and $348,817 greater market value per employee from 1991–2014 – Becker et al

Powerful reporting

Staff and Management adoption

Teams love the easy interface resulting in up to 94% adoption rate.

Productivity and Results

Reduced workload

Simplify and automate the Performance Management process.

Access to the data to show how performance is improving across your organization.

Ongoing Performance Reviews

Full support and guidance

Excellent customer and user support team and an integrated 'Smart Mentor' system

Customers are seeing a 32% increase in productivity after 6 months of using the platform

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What they say about us

Sajid Ali

We used manual forms for performance management, it was a nightmare, everyone hated it, most the time the forms were never filled in. Now doing a plan or review takes minutes, I know who has done it and its all in one place.

We are very satisfied with the system and the service. Based on our experience, we highly recommended WorkCompass for small, medium and big organizations and companies. It has been a great experience with WorkCompass.




Patrick Hehir

Claire Hughes

HR now understand things like performance trends and development needs. Managers and their direct reports are having regular conversations about performance now. Before it was twice a year are very best.

Amazing! Client support has to be one of the best I've dealt with.

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Louise Potts

Callum MacInnes

An excellent performance management tool, I would highly recommend WorkCompass.


Scottish Leather Group

Anthony Bowater

West Midlands Combine Authority

Michael Hanlon

Has allowed us to run our performance reviews in a fraction of the time that it used to.

Enables us to easily and visibly align our business goals with our employee's goals.

VHC Ltd.

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